The study of traditional Malay heritage and interactions related to science communication is very important in this era of globalization as it provides various benefits of entertainment, information and education to the present generation. Consequently, mixture between legacy media and modern media system should be implemented in order to strengthen the construction of national identity through multi-disciplinary knowledge, especially in communication. Therefore, this research aims to realize three objectives, namely:

  1. To identify social interaction strategies that is reflected in the Malay  manuscripts;
  2. To produce documentation and highlight the uniqueness, speciality of social interaction that touches world-view/perspectives of Malay culture in the Malay manuscripts that are stored only in Leiden

This research project is focuses on social interaction in Malay manuscripts that touch world-view/perspective and Malay culture. Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (IIAS) is selected as research destination because it is a central repository of reference and Malay manuscripts which are very helpful for this study. Accordingly, the Malay heritage stored in Malay manuscripts can be explored towards a more systematic study and global in nature.

This research  highlights the focus on social interaction in  Malay manuscripts that have heritage values that should be explored to conduct a more systematic and global research in nature. The objectives of the study/research is to identify the strategies of social interaction that is reflected in the Malay manuscripts and to produce documentation and show the uniqueness of social interaction that touches world-view/perspectives and Malay culture in the Malay manuscripts that are only kept in Leiden. In terms of duration of the research, the activities proposed for this research take place for 2 years (24 months).