Moe Thuzar is also an ISEAS Fellow, and coordinator of the Myanmar Studies Programme, which she earlier coordinated from July 2012 to October 2013. Before Moe joined the Centre in May 2008, she headed the ASEAN Secretariat’s Human Development Unit, which coordinated ASEAN cooperation in labour, youth, social welfare, education, women’s affairs, poverty reduction and rural development, health, and civil service matters. At ISEAS, Moe has co-authored with Pavin Chachavalpongpun, Myanmar: Life After Nargis (ISEAS, 2009), and has co-edited with Yap Kioe Sheng, “Urbanisation in Southeast Asia: Issues and Impacts” (ISEAS, 2012). She has contributed to several compendia/volumes on ASEAN, and on Myanmar. Moe is also a resident analyst for Channel News Asia’s Think Tank programme. Her research interests cover Myanmar’s reforms, urbanisation and environmental cooperation in ASEAN, ASEAN integration issues, and ASEAN’s dialogue relations. Moe was a Temasek scholar for the Master in Public Policy Programme at the National University of Singapore.