In the foreseeable future, China’s oil import still depends mainly on oil resources from Middle East and Africa. Saudi Arabia and Sudan are two major sources of China’s oil import,  where Chinese petroleum enterprises are operating actively. However, the nature of business of Chinese enterprises is different in these two countries. Chinese petroleum enterprises in these two countries are facing different opportunities and challenges which reflect two different models of “Going out”.

The oil-oriented economic and trade cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia is an important strategic choice for energy cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia. The contribution of Chinese petroleum enterprises to the economic development and oil industry of Saudi Arabia is rather limited. Chinese petroleum enterprises have direct investment in both upstream and downstream petroleum industry.These styles is difference.

My research topic is the difference between Chinese petroleum enterprises in Saudi Arabia and in Sudan in terms of cooperation types and the challenges they face, and the business prospects in these two countries.


The energy relations between China and Angola is an part of the Joint Research Program between Energy Programme of IIAS and IWAAS of CASS.

One of important side for the energy supply of China is diversify the sources of oil supply and implement energy diplomacy, which gets from the oil sources in different ways. China’s oil enterprise tried in different ways to corporate with the oil production countries by the policy and principle.

It is the different of the energy corporation between China and Angola that the “Angola mode”. It is included empolder and financing. It is one of loan that China Ex-in Bank offer the business loan to Angola and Angola pay for China with oil. This is a mode to ensure the security of oil supply in China, and it is another way for corporation between China and oil production countries.

For Angola which is difficult to get financing exterior to improve establishment and basic industry, so “Angola Mode” not only satisfy the need, but also add up the security of oil import of China, one the other hand, it debase the risk for corporation. It makes Angola wants China to empolder oil sources.