Dr Min-Chin Kay Chiang is an Associate Professor and the Chairperson of the Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage in Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan. She also serves as the Deputy Director of the TNUA Office of International Affairs. She is a committee member of the National Advisory Committee of the Traditional Crafts of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan, and Director of the advisory team of the Apprenticeship Programme of the National Heritage of Important Craftsmanship. Her publications include Traditional Crafts Within and Beyond Intangible Cultural Heritage (Taipei: Hanlu Publisher, 2019)(in Chinese); “Intangibility Re-Translated.” (In L. Smith and N. Akagawa (Eds.). Safeguarding Intangible Heritage: practices and politic. Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2019); Memory Contested, Locality Transformed: Representing Japanese Colonial ‘Heritage’ in Taiwan (Amsterdam University Press and Chicago University Press, 2012). Her research interests lie in heritage craft, heritage education, and heritage dynamics in relation to community and colonialism.

Dr Min-Chin Kay Chiang holds a Ph.D. in Archaeology from Leiden University, The Netherlands.

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