Previous period of stay: 1 January 2016- 31 December 2016

My project analyses international fisheries politics as taking shape in Japan-Morocco economic relations and technical cooperation. I focus on the cultural effects of technical assistance initiated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at a local level, by studying the transformations in daily work and life among the Amazigh fishermen, who emigrated to Laâyoune and Dakhla, the cities in southern Morocco, after the Green March in 1975.

I examine the formation of work-based identities by critically adopting the ‘communities of practice’ model developed by Lave and Wenger (1991; Wenger 1998). This notion enables understanding work practices as participation in a multicultural workplace. It directs our attention to the Amazigh migrants’ changing linkages to their area of origin and to their place of work, in the larger framework of global resource security.