The research is aimed at the study, evaluation and partial translation of the Collected Works (gSung-'bum) of Blo-ldan snying-po, a relevant and hitherto unstudied Bon master of the 14th century. He is best-known as the revealer of the gZi-brjid, the long-version of the biography of gShen-rab Mi-bo-che.

This study gives the opportunity to look at some major issues of Tibetan religious history, such as the spread of the "visionary movement", the process of legitimation of new textual materials, the modes of biographical representation of religious masters, the scriptural status of the gSung-'bum collections, and the reconstruction of a shared past heritage in the formation of religious identity.

It thus wishes to contribute to the understanding of the role of the Bon tradition in the intellectual climate of the so-called "latter transmission period" (phyi-dar), and in particular of the 14th century-a period of doctrinal systematization and historical writing-through the evidence provided by Blo-ldan snying-po's gSung-'bum.