Project 1: Examination of identity construction as experienced through outward expression in Ambon from 1850 to 1942
Project 2: Untying the Kebaya: Indonesian women's history examined through the development and changes of the kebaya

Marianne Hulsbosch has extensive experience in lecturing in design, technology, textiles and visual arts education at a national and international level.

Having completed undergraduate degrees in the Netherlands in education and textile design, Marianne taught in the Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand before settling in Australia, where she received her PhD in Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong. She is a Senior Lecturer in Visual Art and Design Education at the Faculty of Education & Social Work, University of Sydney.

Marianne's research interests focus primarily on social structures and the dynamics of change, specifically identity construction within socio-cultural contexts through the interplay of dress in society. Her doctoral research examined the relationship between clothing, adornment and identity construction in Indonesia within a colonial context, this resulted in a series of international scholarly publications and an advisory role in textiles and costume design in the award winning 20th Century FOX movie 'Paradise Road' in 1997.

Whilst serving on Education Boards in Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, as well as being a consultative member of the Textiles Board at Museum Nasional Jakarta, Marianne continues to exhibit in internationally acclaimed exhibitions that incorporate a wide range of processes, materials and contextual sites.