Kishi received BFA in School of Architecture in Tokyo University of the Arts and M.Arch from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, US. After graduating from Cranbrook, he conducted experimental design studio in several art institutions in Singapore. In 1998, he started his professional career in Japan, with works focusing on finding the latent tasks of architecture in issues of contemporary cities, in particular, in particular, the "urban transformation" that is created by diverse impacts of massive urban (re-)development projects. This is reflected in his projects that cross diverse fields such as art, architecture, design, education, and urban research, through LWL – Lab. for the wonderlandscape. Besides his practice, he has been also teaching practice and theory in architecture, urbanism and art at Tokyo University of the Arts (-2003), Tokyo Institute of Technology (-2008), Tokyo Zokei University and Kyoto University of Art and Design. Since 2010, he has been conducting an experimental urban study project at Surabaya in Indonesia, as an API (Asian Public Intellectuals) Fellow of The Nippon Foundation. Based on this latest project, he is co-directing an urban study organization OHS - Orange House Studio in Surabaya, together with local creators and practitioners. See also