I have worked on topics regarding the construction of modern Chinese national identity in recent years. How the images/symbols of China from western perspective, such as Sick Man, were appropriated by modern Chinese intellectuals in their discourse of modern Chinese identity is the main theme of my book Sick Man, Yellow Peril and Sleeping Lion: Chinese Images from “Western” Perspective & the Discourse/Imagination of Modern Chinese National Identity published in 2010 by NCCU Press. The book was chosen by my government to be one of Taiwanese official publications being displayed in the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair.     

My current research project focuses on the relationship between population discourse and modern Chinese nationalism. I aim to explore how the “digitalized” population discourse shaped the boundary imagination of modern Chinese nation internally and externally. In addition, I will also look into the complicated relationship between the collective memory of “national humiliation” and “victimization narrative” in modern Chinese historiography. In short, my major research interest and concern lie in investigating the various facets of modern Chinese nationalism and their interactions with modern Chinese collective memory and identity.