I will rework a Dutch edition of the Malay 17th-century text, Hikayat Tanah Hitu, into an English edition aimed at a general academic audience. The book will mainly consist of a transliteration and English translation of the Malay text, a interesting and important history. Together with 2 other authors I published a Dutch edition of this text in 2004, and since then have worked on the translation project in cooperation with John Miksic, a professor in Southeast Asian archeology. A draft translation is finished but the book needs to be expanded with additions about archeological finds that have come to light and other new information that has become known since the 2004 publication. The text is relevant to be made accessible to a larger audience as it is one of the very few local texts available that represents the indigenous voice countering the welter of texts from the VOC or colonial archives. It is also interesting and relevant as it is a witness to an indigenous historiographic tradition with as main representative the Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals produced in the Malay peninsula, Hikayat Aceh, and Javanese Babad-texts. This Hikayat Tanah Hitu will give us a chance to investigate how this historiographic tradition was continued or discontinued in the eastern parts of the Indonesian archipelago.