This project aims to look at the Surimamis (Hindustanis) and Non Resident Indians as the members of the global Indian diaspora. Surinami Hindustanis are migrants or members of the minority of immigrant origin who can be considered as ‘twice migrants'. Their forfathers came to the Dutch Surinam mostly as indentured workers. For quite a long time they managed to keep their links with the British India via the British Consul in Surinam. Unlike many other groups of Indians in the diaspora Surinami Hindustanis managed to keep their distinct Indian language, that of Sarnami or Hindustani. Many of them came to the Netherlands mostly after 1975. Here in the Netehrlands many of the Surinami Hindustanis integrated well in the Dutch society. Yet, the integration into the host society coincided with the Netherlands integration into the EU. At the same time cheaper airflights, telephone, TV and the Internet make countries closer. Many Hindustanis retained their Hindustani language in the Netherlands and seem to be influenced by the subcontinental Indian culture due to the Bolleywood movies, Zee-TV and Indian newspapers. Non-resident Indians who came to the Netherlands as professionals or businessmen have closer links with India. They often have their families in India. Thus the aim of my research is to study the Surinami (Hindustani) re-discovered or newly established links with India as well as transnational links of NRIs in the Netherlands.