Multi-cultural conflicts have always been problem for host countries of migrants. How to better promote the integration of immigrants has been a major social challenges facing the for host countries.

The Netherlands’ powerful economy strength, higher social welfare, liberal social and cultural environment have been attracting a large number of immigrants from all over the world, and became a typical immigration country. In Europe, The Netherlands is the pioneer to actively promote integration of immigrants, and achieves certain affection, once a model of European immigrant integration policy, but later it becomes one of countries with more strict policies on immigrant integration.

My research project at IIAS is the integration policy of immigrants in the Netherlands. What are the change characteristics of immigration scale in the Netherlands particularly in metropolitan areas such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague? How has the integration policy of immigrants in the Netherlands evolved? Which strategies have been taken in the fields of labour market mobility, family reunion, education, political participation, long-term residence, nationality, anti-discrimination? How are the effects of the Netherlands’ integration policy compared with other EU countries? This is the main contents of the research to study.

The ultimate aim of my research project is to put forward suitable policy ideas to promote floating population to integration into China cities by learning from the experience of the Netherlands.