I plan to engage more thorough research on the basis of a series of researches on the changes of various religions in Taiwan in the past thirty years and the overall religious and social change study by analyzing the Taiwan Social Change Survey. First of all, I will finish a research paper on changing religious and occult behaviors from1994 to 2004, based on a three-wave national survey. Then, I will edit a book which is a collection of papers on religious change in Taiwan. Five other sociologists are invited to contribute papers on the different themes of change by analyzing the three-wave survey data. My second project is to revise and edit a volume of a book on religion, occultism and social change in Taiwan. The book is a collection of my papers in English, translated from my Chinese works. Nine papers will explore changing folk religion, Christianity, new religion, and church-state relation. The papers are selected from the original works,  a set of two-volume books in Chinese. I hope the book in English will be published or at least released on the internet. After I arrived the Netherlands, a new research idea emerged. Since there are very interesting similarities and differences between the societies of the Netherlands and Taiwan, some kind of comparative study is worth to develope. One of the possibilities to materialize this research is to write papers by using various existing survey data sets from the Netherlands and Taiwan, for example the World Values Survey, the International Social Survey Program and other nation-wide surveys available for empirical research.