Energy diplomacy is the new content of Chinese diplomacy in the 21st century. China will promote international energy cooperation all over the world. With the rapid growth of economy, China will import much oil and gas in the future. The Middle East will occupy an important status in Chinese energy diplomacy strategy, and Iran may become one of the important countries for providing oil to China. China appreciates Iran’s positive role on regional affairs.  There are potential conditions for China and Iran to development bilateral relations.

Given the complicated situation such as Arab-Israel conflicts and Iran’s nuclear issue, Chinese energy diplomacy in the Middle East may face with great challenge. For China’s energy policy towards Iran, China hopes situation in the Middle East and the Gulf keep stable. The UN has passed several sanction resolutions on Iran, that may bring some difficulty for Chinese companies to develop oil businesses in Iran. But China still thinks that Iran’s nuclear issue should be resolved through political ways. China and Iran can still make mutual cooperation in world stages like Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Considering of good political and economic cooperation, we take an optimistic views that China and Iran can develop more close cooperation in field of energy in the future.