With the integration in the East Asia, the international relations in the region have been under readjustment, especially the relations among the big powers.  During this process, security cooperation and arrangement and conflict management will be much more important for the region than before. Unfortunately, the regional security background is extremely diversified because of historical, social, cultural, traditional and political differences.  It is not so clear where the regional security arrangement or mechanism should be heading for although there have been some efforts both at the bilateral and multilateral levels. Therefore, the traditional regional security is still playing the key role but it is not very relevant to the current regional security situation.  So the regional security is not only the security balance between or among the regional countries in term of military, political and economic powers, but also the harmony of security concept between or among the regional countries on the bases of the so many and complicated differences mentioned above.  Sometimes, they are more important than the real regional security situation and they are the real reasons for the regional instability.  Some new efforts for the regional security cooperation have been in the regional integration and economic cooperation, such as Asean Community, "10(ASEAN)+" forms and the East Asia cooperation.   It should be necessary to put the regional security in a broader sense with the development and requirement of regional identity formation.

In addition, the East Asia has learnt from the European experiences for the regional security, such as Asean Regional Forum (ARF started in 1994) has borrowed the process for regional security mechanism from the experiences of The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). So I am sure taking the comparative studies will facilitate the research in the field for the East Asia.