Nowadays, with the fast pace of urbanization in China, urban heritage protection faces enormous challenges. Many traditional villages are disappearing as well as various traditional skills. The Chinese government and heritage conservationists are actively seeking a variety of measures to deal with these crises.

My research project at IIAS is set against the backround of the current Chinese heritage practices. The heritage issues facing China are multifaceted; a fast-growing economy, rapid urbanization, huge social traffic, and a growing population have all accelerated the destruction rate of urban heritage. The Chinese government is seeking better protection measures to safeguard the fast disappearing Chinese heritage, but how to improve the protection of the general public enthusiasm cannot be ignored.

During my study, I will research and survey the European Heritage management methods and knowledge. This will be beneficial to my in-depth study of Chinese heritage protection methods. I hope the findings can supplement the missing Chinese heritage management in existence. In order to improve my knowledge of heritage protection I will also concern myself with some outstanding achievements and effective technologies in European heritage protection.