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IIAS provides a geographically strategic position for me to engage the continental scholarly audience

Dr. Albert Tzeng studied chemistry and psychology in Taiwan before obtained sociology degrees in LSE (MSc) and Warwick (PhD). He had visiting affiliation at Academia Sinica (Taipei), HKIHSS of Hong Kong University, and National University of Singapore during the course of doctoral research. He was awarded IIAS-ISEAS Postdoctoral fellowship for 2012-2013, and remained attached with IIAS for an ongoing project.

The project, Framing Asian Studies: Geopolitics, Institutions and Networks, aims to critically reflect upon on how the production and dissemination of knowledge about Asia was ‘socially framed’. It focused on the influence of geopolitical context, the role of various institutions (foundations, research institutes, journals and publisher) and the outlook of various knowledge networks. The project started with a successful conference on the same title (held in November 2013) and will conclude with the publication of a paper collection.

The analytical theme of this project derived from his doctoral thesis, Framing Sociology in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore: Geopolitics, States and Practitioner. The thesis maps and compares how sociology as an institutionalised discipline of teaching and research has been introduced, practiced and developed into different formation in the three East Asian societies. It also aims to interpret the observed trajectories in light of socio-historical contexts. The three cases share similarities in their colonial past, demographic majority, and developmental trajectories, while demonstrating great contrasts in post-WWII geopolitical statues and domestic political context. The thesis will be published by Ashgate in 2014.

Prior to academic pursuit, Dr Tzeng has worked as editor, marketing specialist, parliamentary assistant, election campaign manager and freelance writer. The interdisciplinary education and versatile employment history left me a keen interest in how the production, dissemination and utilization of knowledge are historically and socially embedded.


  • Sociology

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20/05/2013 to 31/05/2014

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Framing Asian Studies: Geopolitics, Institutions and Networks

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