Marcus Chavasse is the winner of the IIAS Master's Thesis Prize 2019

26 February 2020

Yesterday, on 25 March, IIAS awarded its annual Master's Thesis Prize in Asian Studies for the 8th time in a row in its current form, namely, a three-month full fellowship to come and work at IIAS on a PhD proposal or an article.

That prize went to Marcus Chavasse (Utrecht University), for his excellent thesis, titled, The International Dimensions of Kazakhstan's Alphabet Shift. A study of Kazakh multi-vectorism in the 2010s.


  • Marcus Chavasse, The International Dimensions of Kazakhstan’s Alphabet Shift. A study of Kazakh multi-vectorism in the 2010s. Universiteit Utrecht. Supervisor: Steffen Rimner.

The other three short-listed finalists were honoured with congratulations and flowers, and are from three other universities in the Netherlands (Leiden University, Wageningen University and VU University Amsterdam.


  • Juul Eijk, Offending an Emperor: Shaping the narrative of Desi Sangye Gyatso’s deceit in Daiqing imperial history. Universiteit Leiden. Supervisor: Fresco Sam-Sin.
  • Lubabun Ni’am, Lively Elephants. An ethnography of elephant-based ecotourism in Tangkahan, Indonesia. Universiteit van Wageningen. Supervisors: Joost Jongerden and Stasja Koot.
  • Grant Owen, Coping with Protracted Uncertainty: Refugees ‘stuck’ waiting in Indonesia. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Supervisor: Dr. Pál Nyíri.

Annual Prize

IIAS awards this prize each year for a master's thesis in the broad field of Asian studies, written at a Dutch university. 

The information for next year's master's thesis prize has not yet been published; however, the terms and conditions will likely be the same. 

Information: IIAS National Master's Thesis Prize in Asian Studies 2019



Inline picture © John Osias-Eunice