IIAS Hosts ICAS12 Book Prize Winner

21 April 2023

Dr. Stephanie Coo, winner of the ICAS Book Prize, and Consul Nomer B. Ado II of the Philippine Embassy were hosted by the International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS) on Thursday, 20 April 2023.

During the meeting, Philippe Peycam, the director of IIAS, and the guests discussed various topics, including the ICAS book prize and East and Southeast Asian studies.

Dr. Coo won the prize in the Humanities section of the English Edition of the ICAS Book Prize 2021, for "Clothing the Colony. Nineteenth Century Philippine Sartorial Culture (1820-1896)".

In the book that is published in 2019, by Ateneo de Manila University Press, Dr. Coo studies the role of clothing in the relationship between the Spanish colonizers and the Philippine colonized.

Stephanie Coo and Philippe Peycam at IIAS


The book examines various agents and aspects involved in this process, such as children, workers, traders, race, class, gender, religion, and economy. It is not only a sociocultural history of clothing in the 19th century but also a history of the Philippines and colonial life.

Dr. Coo's work which won the prize in the Humanities section of the English Edition of the ICAS Book Prize 2021, is a valuable contribution to the understanding of Philippine colonial history and the role of clothing in colonialism.

The IBP Reading Committee wrote the following citation about Dr. Coo's book: She locates the broad themes she covers in theoretical reflections, including that of “clothing as a social skin”, and thereby provides insights that by far transcend the Philippine experience and the 19th century.


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