Humanities’ alternative model for academic development

30 September 2021

Think about how higher education is currently organised and now try to think how it could go beyond disciplinary specialisations where locally situated scholars, workers, artists, activists, community-based practitioners and associations contribute to education through participatory approaches. 

What can we learn from engaging with them? In what ways can their voice enrich classroom learning and bring meaning to academic quests? These are the questions that the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) and the Humanities Across Borders (HAB) program are trying to answer.

Listen now to Philippe Peycam, Aarti Kawlra, and Orraya Chawnan discuss how HAB is developing new modes of collaboration and pedagogy.


Newsletter 82 Spring 2019 "Living with and in the Forest in Northern Thailand"

A Humanist Model of Collaborative Higher Education