All Newsletters past and present are online

07 January 2021

As of 7 January 2021, all issues of The Newsletter past and present are available online.

When we launched our new website, we also migrated most of The Newsletters. However, as there were no full scans of the first 26 issues and only a fraction of the articles were online (on an old server), these first issues could not be included in the migration.

This has since been remedied, and all editions of the Newsletter are now available online, starting with the very first issue of August 1993. 

Last year, we received several e-mails from readers asking us to make the earlier editions available online as well as they still browse through previous issues looking for information on subjects that have their interest. The Newsletter is indeed a treasure trove of research articles, opinion and information on Asian Studies, with contributions from thousands of scholars and experts worldwide.

We are happy that the online digital archive is now complete. We hope you enjoy perusing the older issues!