IIAS Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some relevant questions that may be in the minds of prospective IIAS Fellowship applicants along with their respective answers. 

1. Is there a minimum/maximum age limit to apply? Can early to mid-career scholars apply? 

There is no age limit to apply for the IIAS and IIAS+FMSH fellowships. However, as you may have read in the call and in the Terms and Conditions, it is necessary to have completed a PhD or be in the final stages of your PhD, with a pre-scheduled defense no later than the beginning of April. Our fellowship is aimed at young and mid-career scholars, while senior scholars are invited to apply for our Visiting Researchers fellowship as self-funded fellows. The digital form for this fellowship category can be found here: https://www.iias.asia/visiting-researchers-strategic-collaboration-fellowships-application-form.  

2. Is it possible to have a shorter stay than 12 months? 

It is not possible to have a shorter stay when you apply for the IIAS or IIAS+FMSH fellowships. Please note that our fellowship programme is residential, and fellows are required to reside in Leiden for the duration of their fellowship. 

3. Can projects with a focus on fieldwork apply for a fellowship? 

Projects with a focus on fieldwork can apply only if the fieldwork has already been conducted. Funding for field research is not within our scope. 

4. Is it possible to reapply if turned down a previous year? 


5. Can one apply to the fellowship programme while also part of a different fellowship programme? 

No. In this case, researchers may apply for a self-funded fellowship for a short period. 

6. To what extent do projects/applications need to be community focused or socially engaged? 

This is not a mandatory requirement for a successful application. We suggest carefully reviewing the call and the Terms and Conditions.