Event — Seminar

The effect of CIIE and China’s new round of opening-up

This half-day presentation by scholars of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) will focus on the effect of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) and China’s new round of opening-up, which are important research topics studied by SASS, one of the top 25 high-level think tanks in China recognized by CPC Central Committee.

CIIE is a trade fair held annually by China since 2018. It represents an important move of China to open its market and promote trade, while also serving as a platform for international cooperation for all countries to showcase their development achievements and discuss global economic and trade issues. To further elaborate on the significance and dynamics of China’s opening-up strategy, scholars from SASS will give insightful presentations based on their research findings from three perspectives:

  1. International trade: how will the new strategy of opening-up affect global trade and international relations?
  2. Open innovation: how will the normalisation of CIIE affect open innovation?
  3. Shanghai’s role: in response to China’s new round of opening-up, what role will Shanghai play and how will it act?


Download the schedule of the presentations (pdf)


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