Event — Call for submissions

Digital media repository 'Campus Speaks on Academic Freedom'

At the 12th International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS 12) this year, the Humanities Across Borders (HAB) programme is working together with the Academic Freedom Space (AFS) to initiate a digital media repository titled Campus Speaks on Academic Freedom.

We invite media representations capturing student and teachers voices on the issue of academic freedom from university campuses across the globe in the form of photographs, campus graffiti, posters and banners or video/audio clips of no more than 3 min each. 

A selection will be used in panel discussions at ICAS 12, and the five best submissions will receive a special mention and receive an invitation to contribute the story in HAB’s digital storytelling repository.

Extended Deadline: 31 July 2021

The ICAS 12 Academic Freedom Space is an open and safe platform created by IIAS alumni to promote knowledge exchange and discussions about growing infringements upon intellectual pursuits and critical pedagogies in university campuses the world over. Humanities Across Borders is a new humanist model of situated learning promoted by the International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden, The Netherlands. HAB aims to mobilize existing, stand-alone educational institutions, structures, processes, and scholars into new configurations of South-South and South-North collaboration across both physical and mental borders (https://humanitiesacrossborders.org/).

We encourage you to look through your digital photo albums, solicit images from colleagues, or take a walk along your own campus and send us the media files by July 31.

Send your email citing ‘HAB-AFS Digital Media Call 2021’ in the subject line to a.a.hoekstra@iias.nl. Be sure to attach high-resolution files to the email and make sure you include the following information:

  • Media Type
  • Title of the media artefact that is evocative
  • Description of the situational context of academic freedom in 300 words or less
  • Date and campus location of the content
  • Name of University, town/city, country
  • Credits (anonymous/name)

We are happy to keep the identity of the contributor anonymous if you so wish. Make sure you state your request in the email.

By submitting your media files, you will be agreeing to the (online) publication of the former in the Humanities across Borders’ digital storytelling repository. So please check any copyright information and ensure that you have sought permission from the photographer.