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5 April 2019
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17 June 2019


IIAS Events

March 2019

UKNA - Urban Asia presentation series

Lunch Lecture by Dr Pijika Pumketkao‐Lecourt, (IPRAUS, Paris) about the evolution of the notion of heritage from national monument to local 'community heritage' at the crossroads of local and international concepts and approaches.

IIAS Lunch Lecture

Elephants in the Malay World are understudied relative to their counterparts in China, Siam and South Asia. How have elephants and peoples impacted each other's histories? And what does this history show about how religion is entangled in our relationships with other species as it moves towards its present, modern forms?

Book presentation

After the Opium Wars, Asian activists began targeting the reputation of Great Britain, British India, and Japan. States appropriated anti-drug criticism to shame fellow sovereigns around the globe. This book, by Steffen Rimner, illuminates how an aggressive embrace of anti-drug politics earned China and other Asian states new influence on the world stage. Book presentation, Q&A and drinks.