Event — Workshop

SoY Workshops

Announcing three special SoY (“South-of-Yangtze”) Linguistics Workshops

Place: Leiden, Lipsius Building
Organised by: Rint Sybesma
Sponsored by: NWO, IIAS, ULCL/Leiden University
Registration: Please contact Dr Rint Sybesma>>

Preliminary Programme
[subject to change!]

7 June, morning
Place: Lipsius Building, Room 152
Topic of the moring session: Sentence final particles

9:30-9:40: Opening/Introduction: Rint SYBESMA

9:40-10:20: LI Boya (Leiden): "On Mandarin ne, ma, ba, a"

10:20-11:00: Rint SYBESMA, Dylan TSAI and Leo WONG (TsingHua; Leiden): "On Cantonese tim53 and sin55/53"

11:00-11:20: break

11:20:12:00: LI Boya and Rint SYBESMA (Leiden): "Dissection and structural mapping of Cantonese sentence final particles"

12:00-13:00: Discussion, guided and introduced by Stephen MATTHEWS (Hong Kong)

13:00-14:30: lunch

7 June, afternoon
Place: Lipsius Building, Room 152
Topic of the afternoon session: Definiteness, demonstratives and classifiers

14:30-14:40: Opening/Introduction: Rint SYBESMA

14:40-15:20: Joanna SIO (Leiden): "A referential layer in the Chinese noun phrase"

15:20-16:00: Rint SYBESMA and Joanna SIO (Leiden): “The demonstrative in Chinese and Zhuang”

16:00-16:20: break

17:20:17:00: Sze Wing TANG (Hong Kong): "Definiteness in southern Chinese dialects"

17:00-18:00: Discussion, guided and introduced by Thomas Hun-tak LEE

8 June, all day
Place: Lipsius Building, Room 148
Topic of today: Resultatives

9:30-9:40: Opening/Introduction: Rint SYBESMA

9:40-10:10: SHEN Yang (PKU): “Small Clause theory and the syntactic forms of some structures with Loc-NP in Mandarin”

10:10-10:25: XUAN Yue (PKU): “Semantically weak results: a look at chéng”

10:25-10:40: ZHAO Xin (PKU): “Restricted movement in the double object construction”

10:40-10:50: short question period

10:50-11:10: break

11:10-11:25: LIANG Yu (PKU): “Subject orientation in resultatives”

11:25-11:40: JIANG Li (PKU): “Who does the talking? On the interpretation of ‘this class talks me bored’”

11:40-11:55:TANG Yanyan (PKU): “Small clauses and the ba-construction”

11:55-12:10: short question period

12:10-13:30 lunch break

13:30-13:45: PENG Guozhen (Leiden/PKU): “Excessive results. The interpretation of gradable adjectives in resultatives”

13:45-14:00: Rint SYBESMA (Leiden/PKU): “The internal structure of small clauses”

14:00-14:30: Lisa Lai-Shen CHENG (Leiden): “Verb copying in resultatives”

14:30-15:30: Discussion, guided and introduced by Tim STOWELL (UCLA)