Event — Workshop

The History of Logic in China


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24-26 November 2010
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Image from: http://chinese.dsturgeon.net/

Prof. Johan van Benthem
- University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands & Stanford University, USA
Dr Jeremy Seligman - University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Fenrong Liu - Tsinghua University, China

The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), the Scaliger Institute of Leiden University, the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge and the Recherches Epistémologiques et Historiques sur les Sciences Exactes et les Institutions Scientifiques (REHSEIS) in Paris have started a scholarly network of researchers who address topics of “Science and History in Asia”. Four comparative workshops will be organised in Leiden and Cambridge on the complex links between science and history in Asian civilisations.

The third workshop will be organised on the theme The History of Logic in China.

Please visit http://www.sciencehistory.asia/history-logic-china for further information.