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Turning derelict industrial sites into Cultural Creative Parks in Taipei, Taiwan

Lunch lecture: By examining Huashan 1914 and Songshan Cultural Park, Liling Huang (National Taiwan University) will analyse the birth and evolution of 'Çultural Creative Parks' in Taipei, and the influence they have on urban life and cultural imagination.

Evaluations of Huashan 1914 and Songshan Cultural Park

A lunch lecture by Professor Liling Huang (National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan). Lunch is provided; registration is required.

For many policy makers as well as researchers in Asia, Huashan 1914 and Songshan Cultural Park became showcases of 'creative industry' in Taipei. Both have been important industrial sites since colonial times that have susequently declined as a result of urban and economic changes since the 1990s. At an early stage, citizens' groups played a key role in the preservation of the two massive sites in the city centre. However their re-use programs have increasingly been shaped by the government within a problematically defined concept of ‘cultural industry’ and have led to cultural consumption.

By examining Huashan 1914 and Songshan Cultural Park, Liling Huang will analyse the birth and evolution of Cultural Creative Parks in Taipei, and the influence they have on urban life and cultural imagination.

Liling Huang is an associate professor of Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University. Her research interests focus on urban regeneration, housing policy, and globalization theories for cities. Her major publications include “Promoting private Interest by Public Hands? The gentrification of public lands by housing policy in Taipei City,” in Global Gentrifications: Uneven development and displacement. edited by Loretta Lees, Hyun Ban Shin and Ernesto Lopez-Morales, 2015), ‘From Cultural Building, Economic Revitalization to Local Partnership? The changing nature of community mobilization in Taiwan’ (International Planning Studies, 2011).

Liling Huang is also the former director of Organization of Urban Reformers (OURs), an NGO founded in the early 1990s in the wave of urban social movement in Taiwan. It focuses on monitoring and promoting the urban policies of environmental conservation, cultural preservation and community participations in Taiwan. Since 2010, OURs has been working with other social welfare groups in Taiwan as well as its Japanese and Korean partner organizations in East Asia Inclusive City Network for actions of safeguarding housing right for the disadvantageous groups.  The movement has successfully pushed the government to inaugurate public housing at the local and central government level.


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