'Asian Cities' Book Series

The Asian Cities book series explores urban cultures, societies, and developments from the ancient city to the contemporary city, from West Asia and the Near East to East Asia and the Pacific.

The series editor is Paul RabĂ©, also the Coordinator of the IIAS Cities platform. The editorial board comprises seven members from UKNA partner organisations in China, Singapore, India, France, and the Netherlands. The series is managed by the IIAS Publication Officer, Mary Lynn van Dijk. 

The series welcomes high-quality contributions on urban topics, particularly from early career and emerging scholars, and is committed to open-access publication whenever possible. The IIAS Cities cluster's themes are linked to three principal avenues of inquiry: evolving and competing ideas of the city across time and space; urban residents and their interactions in the production, shaping, and contestation of the city; and urban challenges of the future as they relate to human well-being, the environment, heritage, and public life.

If you are interested in publishing a book in the Asian Cities book series, please do not hesitate to contact the editors.
Publication guidelines, contact information and published books can be found on the IIAS website at www.iias.asia/books/asian-cities

Information, books and a downloadable flyer are available on the AUP website: www.aup.nl/en/series/asian-cities.