ICAS Publications Series Edited Volumes

State, Society and International Relations in Asia

Mehdi Amineh

State, Society and International Relations in Asia brings together studies of selected modern Asian postcolonial states and societies. This part of the world is in transition towards becoming the heartland of global politics and economy. The rising Asia is slowly closing the productivity power-gap with the early-industrialized societies of Western Europe, the United States and

Japan, pushing the global system towards a critical point. Successful industrialization does not only bring power and welfare, but can also create the condition for confrontation and conflict on the global and local level. Specific case studies address major global political themes: nationalism, democratization and corruption, ethno-religious tensions, state and religion, geopolitics and regionalization.

Mehdi Parvizi Amineh is senior research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies in the Netherlands and professor of international relations at the Webster University, the Netherlands.