ICAS Publications Series Edited Volumes

Rural Livelihoods, Resources and Coping with Crisis Indonesia. A Comparative Study

Milan J. TitusPaul P.M. Burgers

Most literature on the economic crisis in Indonesia has focused on the negative macro-economic impacts during the "crisis- years" of 1997-99. The case studies presented in this book take a different perspective. With a longitudinal research perspective, this comparative study analyses a wide variety of responses to the crisis among communities and households. The case studies in this book cover the coping and adapting mechanisms of rural households under a variety of resource use practices and resource use regulations in different areas of Indonesia.

Milan Titus is a recently retired senior lecturer of the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University who is still involved in research activities.

Paul Burgers is senior researcher at the Department of International Development Studies, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University.