Asian Cities

Routledge Handbook of Urbanization in Southeast Asia

Rita Padawangi

The study of urbanization in Southeast Asia has been a growing field of research over the past decades. The Routledge Handbook of Urbanization in Southeast Asia offers a collection of the major streams and themes in the studies of the cities in the region.

A focus on the urbanization process rather than the city as an object opens the topic more broadly to bring together different perspectives. This timely handbook presents these diverse views to build a clearer understanding of theoretical contributions of urban studies in Southeast Asia and to provide a complete collection of scholarly works that are thematically structured and a useful tool for teaching urbanization in Southeast Asia.

Following the introduction by the editor, the handbook is structured along central, emerging themes. It contains six parts, which are each introduced by the editor:

  • Theorizing Urbanization in Southeast Asia
  • Migration, Networks and Identities
  • Development and Discontents
  • Environmental Governance
  • The Social Production of the Urban Fabric
  • Social Change and Alternative Development

This handbook will be an essential reference work for scholars interested in Urban Studies, cities and urbanization in Asia, and Southeast Asian Studies.