Preparing a Book Proposal

To help us decide whether your manuscript - a monograph or an edited volume - is suitable for one of our Series, we ask you to prepare a Book Proposal. After you send it to us or to the Series Editor, you can expect a reply from us within a month.

Please note that we assume that the submitted manuscript is new and original, and has not been published elsewhere. If an earlier version – particularly of an edited volume contribution - has been published elsewhere before, please inform us, and assure us that the current version has been updated, revised, or adapted to a degree that it could be considered “new”.

When writing your Book Proposal, please consider the following:


Briefly describe the book’s main arguments, theoretical grounding, and, most importantly, its contribution to the development of its academic field. Also, point out, unless it is obvious, which subject area(s) the book covers.


Construct a Table of Contents and indicate the approximate length, in number of words, of each chapter. Include also a short paragraph describing the expected contents of each chapter.

Practical Details

Please provide us with your best estimate of, or if you already know:

  • The length of the manuscript, in number of words;
  • The number and type of tables;
  • The number and format of maps; and
  • The number of images, and whether any of these needs to be reproduced in colour.

Current State of the Manuscript

Is the manuscript essentially finished? Is it a work in progress? Or is it still in the planning stage? Please indicate how much time you expect it will take for you to produce a manuscript ready for peer review.


Let us know what the competition is for your book. What sets it apart from those already available? Pick out a few recently published titles in your field, and explain how your book adds to or improves on the research presented.


In terms of academic level, and academic field, what is your book’s intended audience? For whom are you writing your book? Are you writing it for your colleagues, or for post-graduate students, or do you intend for it to be used by undergraduate students? Might it appeal to an interested lay person?


Have you explored the possibility of getting a publishing grant for your book? If yes, let us know.

Author Background

What qualifies you to write this particular book? We do not require your full CV, but do give us a rundown of the most salient points of your career, and a list of other publications you’ve authored. If your book proposal is for an edited volume, please include a brief version of this information for each contributor.

Sample Chapter

A sample chapter will reveal to us your writing style, and give us an idea of how much editorial input would be needed. Also, when we invite reviewers to consider reviewing a manuscript, we send them a Sample Chapter. If your manuscript is uniformly wonderful, then send us the Introduction, but if you have a favourite chapter, do send us that. Please do not send us the entire manuscript when you submit your Book Proposal.

Submission of your Book Proposal

Please complete the Publication Proposal Form (Word) and send it to the Series Editor, together with a Sample Chapter or the Introduction.


If you have any further questions, please contact Ms Mary Lynn van Dijk, Publications Officer, by e-mail, at, or by phone: +31 (0)71 5274140.