Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Before we publish a manuscript in any of our three Series, we send that (draft) manuscript to at least two peer reviewers to give us their opinion on the manuscript‘s suitability to the Series, its timeliness, and its possible contribution to the existing research in the particular field.

It is only after receiving the reviewers’ recommendation to accept – usually after one round of revision – that we forward the manuscript to our publishing partner, the Amsterdam University Press (AUP).

We assume that you would like your manuscript published as quickly as possible. On the other hand, we would like to publish a book as economically as possible.  Happily, it is possible to achieve both aims, and to do that, you have to follow the manuscript submission guidelines below.


Please use the Microsoft Word program to produce your manuscript. Use double spacing and allow page margins of no less than three (3) centimeters on all sides.

Elements of a Book:

Not all books include all the elements listed below, but please ensure that the required (items with an asterisk) elements are included in the correct order.

*Title Page (title, subtitle, and author name)


*Table of Contents

*List of Tables and/or Maps

*List of Figures (and Captions) and/or Illustrations

Foreword (written by someone other than the author)

Preface (written by the author)


*Main Text, including Notes, if using Chapter Notes



*Notes, if using End-of-Book Notes


*Index (to be prepared later, during Production, once the manuscript has been reviewed, and accepted for publication)

*Short Author’s Biographical Note


Since the Amsterdam University Press (AUP) publishes our books for us, follow the publisher’s Style Sheet, as put forth in their Instructions to Authors (pdf), (101.kB, also downloadable below).

As a general rule, make sure that you observe consistency all throughout, whether in terms of language – we prefer British English - or layout.

Author’s Responsibilities

If you are using illustrations not your own, or other copyrighted material, please ensure that you’ve requested and been granted permission to reproduce them.

Please ensure that all quotations are 100 % correct, and correctly attributed.

Most importantly, please note that neither IIAS nor AUP will be held responsible in the unlikely event that a libel or defamation complaint arises from the book’s publication. The text being entirely your responsibility, please refrain from writing anything that could be construed as libelous or defamatory.

Lastly, please make every effort to make your manuscript as completely free of typographical and other errors as possible. Because most authors are not native speakers of English, it is your responsibility to make sure that language editing has been done, so that the text is free of grammatical errors, and will be relatively easy to read and judged by the peer reviewers.