The China Quarterly Special Issues

Culture in the Contemporary PRC

Michel HockxJulia Strauss

The culture of the People's Republic of China offers a unique blend of the popular, the political and the avant-garde. In no other country in the world are cultural products subjected to such strict censorship and at the same time consumed by such large numbers of people. This volume presents essays by scholars at the cutting edge of Chinese cultural studies, dealing with subjects ranging from advertising to poetry, from rock music to revolutionary museums, providing an authoritative and multi-faceted analysis of some of the world's most complex cultural phenomena.

Editors' Introduction Michel Hockx and Julia Strauss; Bourgeois Bohemians in China? Neo-Tribes and the Urban Imaginary Jing Wang; Chinese Cinema in the Age of Advertisement: The Filmmaker as a Cultural Broker Yomi Braester; Museums, Memorial Sites, and Exhibitionary Culture in the People's Republic of China Kirk A. Denton; China on the Catwalk: Between Economic Success and Nationalist Anxiety Antonia Finnane; Popular Music and Youth in Urban China: The Dakou Generation Jeroen de Kloet; Reggae on the Silk Road: the Globalization of Uyghur Pop Rachel Harris; Not Quite Karaoke: Poetry in Contemporary China Maghiel van Crevel; Virtual Chinese Culture: A Comparative Case Study of Online Poetry Communities Michel Hockx; Urban Consumer Culture Deborah Davis, Glossary of Chinese Terms; Index.

Michel Hockx, Julia Strauss, Jing Wang, Yomi Braester, Kirk A. Denton, Antonia Finnane, Jeroen de Kloet, Rachel Harris, Maghiel van Crevel, Deborah Davis