Asian Cities

Colonizing, Decolonizing, and Globalizing Kolkata: From a Colonial to a Post-Marxist City

Siddhartha Sen

Colonizing, Decolonizing, and Globalizing Kolkata offers an extended analysis of the architecture of Kolkata from the earliest days of colonialism through independence and on into the twenty-first century, all set in the larger context of Indian cities and architecture. What Siddhartha Sen shows is the transformation of a colonial city into a Marxist one – and ongoing attempts to further transform Kolkata into a global city. Richly illustrated, the book carefully situates architecture, design, and urban planning within Kolkata’s political economy and social milieu.

Siddhartha Sen is the Interim Assistant Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning and the Director of the Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning at Morgan State University in Baltimore, USA. He is a recognized scholar on Indian urbanization and the nonprofit sector in India.

Also availlable as e-book.